Studio 24 offers private half hour music lessons for 7 years to Adults.


Lessons cover basic through to advanced chord shapes, theory, rhythmic/melodic skills, timing and how to maintain the instrument. Students will learn how to read music and easily identify the notes on the guitar. Students are also encouraged to bring in music of their choosing.


Individual lessons are geared towards the students needs. Lessons cover basic co-ordination through to advanced rhythms and patterns, rudiments, reading drum music, caring for the instrument and playing different styles. Students will gain confidence and learn the skills necessary to play in a band/ensemble situation. We have plenty of material to study at the studio.


This course consists of instruction in basic piano skills with emphasis on learning to read music, proper fingering patterns, with emphasis on paralleling the information acquired in Harmony and Theory as well as Ear Training. The main purpose of the class is to improve the students overall musicianship.


In a one-on-one environment our expert teacher will help you choose songs that suit you and your voice. Then you will begin to explore the technical side of singing, including breathing, projection and support. More importantly you will learn in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment.

Get started with a trial lesson today

Call the studio during office hours (Mon - Thurs 3.30pm-7.30pm or Saturday 9am-2.30pm) to find out private lesson availablilty or just come in. Students may do one trial lesson before enrolling for the term. Students must give 24 hours notice if they will not be attending their lesson. Make -up lessons are not available and there are no refunds on term fees.

Trial music lesson: $27.00